Corporate growth via external innovation.

We've worked with more than 40 of the Fortune 500, since 2005.

Entrepreneurs create the future but need big companies to scale. Venadar bridges this gap by discovering the best-matched entrepreneurs for your growth needs, helping you create partnerships and pursue investment opportunities and acquisitions.


Why Venadar?

We provide you with a pathway to develop ​actionable growth options to secure the future of your business.

Venadar makes your most immediate growth initiatives actionable, by identifying and interpreting relevant entrepreneurial activity, and orchestrating bespoke alliances with startups and emerging companies.

Approach Holistic Growth Strategically

Think beyond financial return. Unlike exit-focused investing, dedicated external-based growth support has the power to help companies achieve their strategic, operational, and financial goals.

Approach Holistic Growth Strategically

Think beyond financial return. Unlike exit-focused investing, dedicated external-based growth support has the power to help companies achieve their strategic, operational, and financial goals.

Strategic > Financial

Engage in diverse partnership types. Create and maintain meaningful corporate growth through a proven and time-tested mechanism. Don’t just create a growth strategy, enhance and execute it by challenging the status quo.

It always takes longer than you think. Avoid the pain and risk of the early years by partnering proven trailblazers. Corporate Venturing is an effective, efficient and more affordable way to create impactful growth.

Be proactive, not reactive. Hedge against disruption and stay ahead of competition by partnering with entrepreneurs, the drivers of change.

The right metrics and cadence are dynamic and milestone driven. Right measurement evolves with growth to allow you to intervene and pivot to ensure you don’t fall in love with a false positive.

Maintain decision-making capacity and control. Capture learnings from entrepreneurs, interact directly with new trends, then nurture and grow the ventures outside of the core business to maximize success.

Drive serendipity out of the process. Don’t fall in love too soon; rather, take smart, calculated risks with a defined and diverse partnership and investment portfolio by focusing on the best, not the first ones you see.

Venadar helps alleviate pressures that can stifle growth initiatives​.
We understand emerging market dynamics. We synthesize your organization's goals, objectives, and priorities. We have developed a proven, flexible and accelerated methodology to craft customized partnerships, investments, and acquisitions that work.


  • Create & structure the
    corporate venturing arm
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Implement venture investments
  • Facilitate acquisitions
  • Form strategic partnerships
  • Structure or restructure a deal
  • Monitor market activity
  • Refine the corporate venturing
    arm vision


  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Food & Beverage
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Industrials & Manufacturing
  • Technology, Media, &
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Social Impact & Non-Profits




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Why Work with Venadar?

The benefits of partnering with Venadar are myriad. We have the agility of a small company and the expertise of experienced professionals from big companies. Other advantages our clients enjoy include:

We’ve lived it
We’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ve made investments, created relationships, and operated high-growth businesses. Our first-hand knowledge of best practices and benchmarking can help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls we’ve witnessed.
Ecosystem Experts
Our finger is always on the beating pulse of ever-changing, dynamic ecosystems. Breakthroughs come when they are least expected: next week, next month, or next year. Be proactive and hedge your bets against the future.
True proprietary
deal flow
Leading entrepreneurs are laser-focused on their customers, actively creating the next billion-dollar business. We uncover and build relationships with not only those that are currently fundraising, but those who are successfully executing.
Broad definition
of partnerships
We are relationship agnostic. Our focus is on creating a unique relationship, tied to your strategic goals. We craft a broad range of partnerships spanning acquisitions, investments, commercial business agreements, IP licensing, joint-ventures and more.
Scouts in
65+ countries
Our global scouts span the entire globe and include resources in established and developing markets. In today’s global economy, innovation and change can be driven from every corner of the world.
Don’t signal
the market
Let Venadar make the first move. Protect strategic actions and avoid premature announcements by using Venadar to make anonymous initial contacts.
We do the work
We don’t create work. We are a business partner that works as an extension of your team. Partnering with Venadar allows your team to prioritize and focus on the most impactful value-creating activities.
It’s not luck
We’ve enabled and defended billions of dollars in revenue for our clients. Our practice is based off a well-defined, tested, and proven process informed by over a decade of experience.


About Us

Our History

Venadar was the brainchild of Mark Kaiser in 2005. Mark, a seasoned entrepreneur and a former public company CEO, believed that large corporations could “make their future tangible” by first establishing a strategic landscape of the relevant innovative products and services of entrepreneurs, and then building and accelerating the execution of corporate strategic growth plans.

Keith Cowan, a former President of Sprint and the former Chief Development Officer of BellSouth, identified the Venadar process as a unique corporate development tool for identifying, targeting, acquiring, and scaling the technologies, products, services and capabilities of entrepreneurs through partnerships, investments and acquisitions.


Together, they built and structured the Venadar team and services to fill an undeniable gap in the business services market – an outsourced corporate development service that works hand-in-hand with corporate strategy, development, technology and product teams to accelerate the execution of mission critical partnerships and acquisitions delivering innovation, transformation, and growth. Today, the Venadar services fill the huge void between traditional strategic consulting advisory services and buy-side investment banking services, by quickly bringing together large corporate clients with entrepreneurial providers of emerging solutions in collaborative transactions that facilitate innovation, transformation and value creating growth.

Since 2005, Venadar has successfully helped over 45 Fortune 500, private equity backed, and special purpose acquisition companies, along with countless other businesses across dozens of industries accelerate their strategic growth initiatives, helping our partners generate or defend tens-of-billions of dollars of revenue, and transform their services and products. More recently, the role of Venadar has expanded with corporate clients to include the acceleration of the “physical to digital” migration of both core business operations and the delivery of services and products through a digitally engaging and retentive customer experience.

Leadership Team