Our History

Venadar, derived from the contraction of "Venture - Radar", was the brainchild of Mark Kaiser in 2005. Mark, a seasoned entrepreneur and a former public company CEO, recognized that large companies struggled with innovation. His insight was that entrepreneurs were good at creating while corporations were good at scaling—so bringing them together early in the process could accelerate growth. In Venadar he created the capability for identifying, targeting, acquiring, and scaling new technologies, products, services and skillsets through partnerships, investments and acquisitions.

Keith Cowan, a former C-level officer responsible for strategy and corporate development at Sprint and BellSouth, where he led the negotiations of investments, joint ventures, and acquisitions with in aggregate value of well over $500 billion, saw the Venadar process as a unique corporate strategy and development capability. Keith acquired Venadar and became the CEO in 2019. In addition to his background in driving corporate innovation and intellectual property, Keith brings his unique understanding of how wireless broadband capability enables digital solutions to further drive corporate growth.

Together, they built and structured the Venadar team and services to fill an undeniable gap in the business services market – an outsourced strategy and corporate development service that teams with clients to accelerate the execution of mission critical partnerships and acquisitions delivering innovation and growth. Today, the Venadar services fill the huge void between strategic consulting advisory services and the shrinking pool of buy-side investment bankers.

Since 2005, Venadar has successfully helped over 45 Fortune 500, private equity backed, and special purpose acquisition companies, along with countless other businesses across dozens of industries, transform and expand their services and products and generate significant revenue growth.

Leadership Team


The "Venadar Encyclopedia" and information collector who organizes and contextualizes entrepreneurial activity

Brooke Bender


The master mind behind it all who listens to the quiet voices and sees the big picture

Brian Dorrien


A professionally purposeful person who leaves no detail unaddressed when determining how Venadar can best serve the needs of its clients

Becky Volandt


She has worked for some of the most famous brands in the world: from beverages to telcos

Sally Cohen

Nepanji Davis

The discoverer of top talent who nurtures and manages the best in everyone all while being our "Tech Whisperer"

Nepanji Davis


A global explorer whose eagle-eye spots opportunities and ensures we fulfill them flawlessly

Eric Ohlhausen

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