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HealthcareInnovation of the WeekStartupsJuly 29, 20220Innovation of the Week – July 29, 2022

by Venadar Market Intelligence Team

Alvee – Healthcare


What it is: 

Alvee offers an AI-driven, fully integrated application for providers and payers to advance health equity and improve health outcomes for all.  Alvee provides a comprehensive view of a patient’s health equity status by incorporating social determinants of health (referred to as SDOH), chronic conditions, demographic information, and health inequity risks.  The platform produces real-time, patient-specific alerts to notify a provider when a patient has a confirmed or possible health equity issue or missing demographic information.  Access to all facets of a patient’s demographic collection of race, ethnicity, and other data is a critical component for evaluating health outcomes among vulnerable populations.  The majority of health plans and providers have incomplete or poor data.   

Alvee is fully integrated with an EHR or CRM.  The Alvee rules engine and machine learning models run in the background to provide real-time patient specific notifications and provides predictive analytics so providers can proactively identify health inequities, social needs, or chronic condition risks.  This allows them to pinpoint areas potentially impacted by racial, gender, sex, and other biases, and to identify opportunities for education and training related to health equity. 

Who Made It? 

Alvee was founded in 2021 by Nicole Cook and is based in Marina del Ray, California.  Cook has a broad background in designing and implementing projects, many of which are e-enabled and use large electronic health record (EHR) datasets, that incorporate the social context for underserved populations.  She has been a health care administrator and pursued a PhD in Epidemiology.   

Last week, Techstars Iowa officially kicked off its 2022 cohort at Gravitate Coworking in Downtown Des Moines.  Alvee is a part of this cohort.  Demo Day for the accelerator will take place on October 13th, 2022. 

Funding status: 

Alvee joined Techstars as part of its Iowa Accelerator 2022 Class on July 18, 2022 and received $20K in funding. 

Why we like it: 

  • Profound racial and ethnic disparities in health and well-being exist in the United States, and this is a strong tool to identify a patient’s status in real-time, and predictively identify their risk factors 
  • Can be fully integrated with an electronic health record 
  • Alvee means “knowledgeable friend” and that embodies the true intent of the application 

Did you know?  

Black and American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) people live fewer years, on average, than white people. They are also more likely to die from treatable conditions; more likely to die during or after pregnancy and to suffer serious pregnancy-related complications; and more likely to lose children in infancy. Black and AIAN people are also at higher risk for many chronic health conditions, from diabetes to hypertension. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made things worse, with average life expectancies for Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and, in all likelihood, AIAN people falling more sharply compared to white peopleRead more about this here.  


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