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HealthcareInnovation of the WeekStartupsMarch 12, 20220Innovation of the Week – March 12, 2022

by Brooke Bender

Reperio – Healthcare 

What it is: 


Reperio offers at-home health screening services that can collect multiple health metrics in real-time.  Examples include blood pressure, resting heart rate, BMI, relative fat mass (RFM), total cholesterol, glucose levels, and more.   

Patients receive a kit with Reperio’s FDA-cleared sensors and then download and connect to a smartphone app.  Once they have the kit, they start with a questionnaire about their lifestyle and behaviors.  Using the kit, sensors evaluate blood pressure and resting heart rate.  Weight is measured so the app can calculate BMI, and the waist is measured to determine Relative Fat Mass (RFM).  Next the patient pricks their finger to initiate blood tests for glucose and cholesterol.  Results for the entire screening are revealed in real-time along with a detailed report.  The patient can then return the kit via UPS pickup or drop off.   

Health data can be directly sent to a doctor, primary care provider, or wellness coach.  Reperio also provides practical lifestyle modification tips to support their journey to better health. 

Who Made It? 

Reperio was co-founded in 2020 by Travis Rush and Matt Wallington.  Rush serves as CEO and was previously the CEO of online contact lens subscription service Sightbox, which sold to Johnson & Johnson in 2017.  Wallington is the company’s CTO and has 20+ years of experience co-founding startups and building products at Amazon and Intel.   

Their mission is to empower every individual on the planet to attain their best health through data, simplicity, and discovery. 

The company decided to focus on an initial employer-market launch.  They plan to later extend availability of the kits to health plans, retirement facilities, fitness and nutrition practitioners, and directly to consumers. 

Funding status: 

  • The company raised $1.63M of seed funding from undisclosed investors on January 6, 2022 
  • The company raised $6.02M through a combination of Seed 1 and Seed 2 funding in a deal co-led by Rogue Venture Partners and Caduceus Capital Partners on October 1, 2021, putting the company’s pre-money valuation at $5.98M. Liquid 2 Ventures, G Ventures (VC), and other undisclosed investors also participated in the round. 
  • The company was capitalized with $1M in funding from co-founder Travis Rush in April 2020 

Why we like it: 

  • Patent-pending at-home health assessment enables employees and private individuals to perform a broad range of screenings at their convenience while in the comfort of their own home 
  • FDA-approved sensors in the Reperio kit and a HIPAA-compliant mobile app 
  • Practical lifestyle modification tips that are provided right at the time of testing and results could help increase chances that a patient makes positive changes 
  • Improves access to care by providing baseline health metrics and delivering diagnostic tools directly to the doorstep of patients 
  • Competent founder team with good experience 

Did you know?  

According to a research report from Precedence Research released in December 2021, the global home diagnostics market size is predicted to surpass $8.15Bn by 2030 from $5.2Bn in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2021 to 2030.  The global home diagnostics market is primarily driven by the growing need for the diagnostics due to the rising prevalence of various chronic diseases and growing geriatric population across the globe. 


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