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CPGInnovation of the WeekStartupsSeptember 2, 20220Innovation of the Week – September 2, 2022

by Venadar Market Intelligence Team

Milli Mylk – CPG


What it is: 

Millie offers a range of freeze-dried mylk pouches that allow consumers to make their own homemade plant-based mylk.  All products contain sustainably sourced and organic ingredients – and the freeze-drying process means they do not require additives to maintain freshness.  Customers can currently choose from 2 varieties: almond or coconut, with an oat and chata mylk (a combination horchata and chai ) offering to be released later in 2022.  First time users can order a starter kit for $28, which contains a 4.76-ounce mylk mix and a reusable glass bottle.  To make, the customer adds the freeze-dried mixes to filtered water inside the glass bottle and shakes to combine.  Each pack makes 32 ounces of mylk.  A 2-pack of mylk is $28 and a 6-pack is $84.   

The almond mylk mix is made from Spanish and California almonds and has subtle vanilla notes.  Full ingredients: 

  • Organic Spanish Almonds, Organic California Almonds, Organic Tiger Nuts, Organic Almond Protein, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cashews 

The coconut mylk mix is made from real coconut meat, tiger nuts, and cashews.  Full ingredients: 

  • Organic Coconut, Organic Spanish Almonds, Organic California Almonds, Organic Cashews, Organic Tiger Nuts, Organic Coconut Sugar, and Organic Almond Protein 

Who Made It? 

Milli Mylk was co-founded in 2019 by Caleb Ferguson and Maacha Le Blanc (current CEO).  Le Blanc’s son has a severe dairy intolerance, and Maacha was dissatisfied with how unhealthy store-bought alternatives were and found it too messy and time consuming to make her own.  They built Milli Mylk to be the first and only freeze-dried plant-based mylk that allows people to have fresh, sustainably produced mylk that can quickly be prepared without mess or special appliances.  

The founders worked with the NC Food Innovation Lab for years to identify the gentlest freeze-drying process that would produce a creamy milk alternative. 

Funding status: 

  • The company raised $5M of seed funding from undisclosed investors in August 2022 
  • The company raised $50K of convertible debt financing from undisclosed investors in October 2019 

Why we like it: 

  • Making plant-based milk yourself can be messy and time consuming.  This product allows someone to make their own in minutes with no equipment. 
  • Freeze-dried ingredients preserve nutrition without additives. 
  • The packaging is compostable, and the company provides a reusable glass bottle to make the mylk. 
  • The company is working with sustainability group Seaborne to reduce their footprint and go carbon neutral by 2023. 

Did you know?  

Maacha and her husband raised $5 million in seed funding, which according to Project Diane, is no small feat as only 93 Black female founders have raised $1 million as of 2020. 

Information sourced from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/yolarobert1/2022/08/17/maacha-le-blanc-raised-5-million-for-her-freeze-dried-milk-milli-mylk/?sh=1428b3f643bc  


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