Our proven methodology enables our team to rapidly identify, evaluate, and filter through volumes of targets to find you the best opportunities for success.

We are your arms and legs leveraging our global reach, including in-market scouting teams in over 65 countries, to enable your team to focus on closing partnership deals and executing on your strategic vision.

Venadar supports your growth through our proven methodology

Structure Your Innovation Approach

Build a custom structure​ and process to execute your strategic objectives

Access Entrepreneurial Ingenuity

Utilize insights from entrepreneurial and emerging growth companies' activity to inspire, inform and accelerate internal innovation and product development

Refine Strategic Growth Initiatives

Establish "where to play" and "how to win" through the creation of a perspective challenging framework based on entrepreneurial activity

Establish Partner Pipelines

We discover and vet potential partners to accelerate implementation of the strategy

Create Entrepreneurial Relationships

Construct bespoke relationships ranging from commercial business partnerships all the way to full acquisitions

Monitor the Pulse of Entrepreneurial Activity

Warn of disruptive threats and stay connected to the entrepreneurial and mid-market ecosystem

Venadar's Deal Agnostic Approach



Activating the Venadar scouting network in over 85 markets, we hunt out entrepreneurial activity that indicates

  • Where and what are the pockets of relevant activity
  • What are potential threats, opportunities, or disruptions that could shape a company’s strategy
  • We look in both the obvious and less visible locations including adjacent categories, unmeasured channels, ecosystem partners, and wherever innovation in your space is occurring

Representative Deliverables from the Scan process include:

  • Maps/frameworks that create a holistic view of the opportunity space populated with representative entrepreneurs, innovations, venture activity and emerging technology
  • Analysis of relevant competitive and complementary activity
  • Recommendations on actionable partnerships



We remove the serendipity from the search for innovation partners through our rigorous and iterative process

  • We discover the partners that best align with your corporate goals and strategy
  • Our global scouting team looks for partner options based on your bespoke set of criteria
  • We supplement our search with a network of Subject Matter Experts who add another level of insight to the identification of partners and prioritization of opportunities

Representative deliverables from the Focus process include:

  • The establishment of a searchable database of potential targets
  • Profiles of a target’s solution and evaluation against agreed upon criteria
  • Leadership of a process to reduce the target options to a list of the best candidates for outreach



We find the deal that works for you, regardless of the funding status of a target, by conducting anonymous outreach with a potential target

  • Confirming details of the initial research and discovering more non-public information
  • Preventing unrealistic expectations or assumptions from a potential partner
  • Providing a firewall between the target and the company
  • Ensuring that your time is not being invested with targets that have a low probability of success

Representative deliverables from the Act process include:

  • A robust evaluation of targets that goes beyond publicly available information
  • An introduction between vetted targets and the company
  • Advisory support on partnership/investment options

Venadar's flexible methodology allows for companies to enter in at any stage to provide support in the process at any step!

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