THE POWER OF VENADARVenadar ensures that your organization identifies and engages with the external innovation capabilities it needs most.

Venadar's Solutions Apply to All Types of Innovation


Reduce costs and time to market with improved processes and capabilities


Add incremental products, features, or technologies to improve your current offering


Entry into new growth areas– new products, new markets, new customers, new geographies - to capture market share and create additional revenue streams

Serendipity is a poor method for selecting partners. Instead, tap into Venadar’s proven methodology to rapidly identify, evaluate, and filter large volumes of targets.Venadar's Value Proposition

We are an extension of your development team so you can focus on operations and current deals.


We source partners that are the best fit for achieving your strategic goals, not just those that are raising money


We are committed to aligning solutions that meet your goals whether it is through a partnership, investment, or acquisition


Leverage Venadar’s knowledge and access across industry verticals so you don’t have to ramp up resources internally

What Makes Us Different...

We employ an entrepreneurial lens; unconstrained, unbiased by internal operations

Leveraging relevant ideas from other industries

We build proprietary pipelines based on your growth and innovation strategies, not by identifying only companies who are raising money or looking to be acquired

Venadar Use Cases

Structuring Your Innovation Approach

Developing structured frameworks for implementing action

Building a custom process to execute strategic objectives

Engineering a holistic growth strategy from identification to implementation

Building Venture CapabilitiesGlobal Health Insurance

Developed foundational groundwork including guiding principles, group structure, deal support, and pipeline creation for newly established venture unit. Customized process built from discovery through outreach for supporting a pipeline database fo tracking/monitoring.

Venture Structure DevelopmentUS Food Manufacturer

Developed structure for new corporate venture group by building internal capabilities to support opportunity pipelines with strategic targets (over $100M in 6 strategic investments in less than a year)

Creation of Corporate Growth StructureGlobal Beverage Company

New corporate growth engine to facilitate product innovation and introduced a pathway into the entrepreneurial ecosystem (over $1B in growth to the business)

Refining Targeted Growth Initiatives

Working side by side with diverse internal teams to identify capability gaps and opportunities for innovation

​​Refining your strategy and opportunity positioning to create value for the organization – “Right to Play”

Crystalizing the value proposition and business case for partnering – “Ability to Win”

Refinement of Growth InitiativesGlobal Food & Beverage Company

Identified, defined, and evaluated large categories within the food and beverage space to prioritize growth options. Developed objectives for success, refined strategic positioning including “right to play, and solidified value proposition “ability to win”.

Venture Structure DevelopmentGlobal Oral Care and Dental Health Company

Discovered, dimensionalized, and evaluated the landscape of opportunities for oral care and personal care products in Asian markets. Identified innovative adjacent solutions that led to a successful launch of a product impacting Asian sales growth

Corporate Venturing DiagnosticUS Food Manufacturing and Marketing Company

Executed diagnostic through interviews with internal stakeholders to align with their strategic investment priority, perception of the fund, and views on its future growth potential

Establish A Partner Pipeline

Identifying “THE RIGHT” partner for executing on the opportunity, not just an “example of”

Evaluating the opportunities from diverse sources including our discovery process, internal initiatives, and external partners (accelerators, incubators, etc.)

Curating the top targets that will deliver on strategic goals and objectives

Strategic Relationship StructureLeading Fast Food Restaurant Chain

Creation of a bespoke process and toolkit aligning with company culture for establishing strategic relationships that can scale and/or evolve over time

New Growth PathwaysGlobal Provider of Risk Management Products and Services

Identified new channels to expand outside of traditional target areas. Deep research across new channels including interviews with SMEs to curate down to the most desirable and “best fit” areas for speed to market execution

Adjacent Category PipelineMultinational Tech Company

Conducted discovery process that led to the establishment of a pipeline of 100+ acquisition targets for operating group for the expansion into an adjacent category